Patient Appointment Cancellations and No Show Policy

Cancellation Policy & No Shows

Due to an overwhelming number of late cancellations and no show appointment events, Medcorps Asthma and Pulmonary Specialists is amending our policy to enable us to accommodate more patients on our wait list.

  1. Medcorps Asthma and Pulmonary Specialists requires at least 48 hour notice to cancel your appointment.
  2. 10 minutes late for your appointment is considered a no show.
  3. Late cancelations and/ or no show for new patient appointments will not be rescheduled with any of our offices.
  4. No show/late cancel assessment will be waived if patient is in hospital, emergency room or urgent care. Documentation is required and can be faxed to our office.
  5. No show/late cancel assessment will not be waived for transportation issues, not getting day off from work, oversleeping, forgetting appointment, having another doctor appointment, our office not being able to confirm your appointment, not receiving a reminder call etc.
  6. After 2 incidents of late cancelations and/ or no shows for follow up appointments, you will be formally dismissed from the practice.